God bless us

Come together one and allIn the giving SpiritGifts abound here great and smallJoyously we feel it.Blessings sent us from aboveGuide us on our wayWe raise our voiceAs we rejoiceBow our…

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Journey ahead

Singapore MRT station 拍摄于新加坡 BounaVista MRT station新加坡地铁(英语:Mass Rapid Transit,简称:MRT;),又名大众快速交通/大众捷运系统,是新加坡的城市轨道交通系统,由新加坡地铁公司及新捷运营运。

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Flower Song

The Flower Song Tom Keifer Standing on the corner watching all the pretty girls go byAnd I'm trying to play it so cool as I'm tryin to catch their eyesAnd…

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