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Welcome to my design garden. In this little space, you’ll find introductions about me, my portfolio, work experience, project details, blogs, images, GIFs, photography, and more. Setting me apart from other designers are my unique technical design characteristics. Of course, I’ve also prepared a beautifully structured resume for you.

I’m delighted to have you here and hope you discover something that truly impresses you.

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Expert UI Designer

Nic Cheung

Hello! I’m Nic, an Expert Designer and Assistant Manager at Shopee’s Singapore Design Team. My focus is on designing the company’s SaaS/Enterprise products and consumer-related products.

Since graduating with an art major in 2000, I spent 11 years working in the gaming industry in China before venturing to Singapore for a new chapter. Over the next 9 years, I delved into and mastered new aspects of SaaS product design in Singapore. I took on responsibilities that included managing small teams, overseeing projects, and training new technical talent. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my journey in the vast realm of user interface design!

My Skills & Gears

I specialize in Enterprise ToB product design, with extensive product experience spanning over 60 products in areas such as human resources, development, cloud services, machine learning, finance, and internal systems. I will continue to focus on Singapore’s large enterprises and SaaS-related product domains.

I pursue the concept of ultimate simplicity and user-friendliness in UI design. I have created the “double-layer induction method” to simplify complex systems into an intuitive user experience flow, reducing the difficulty for users.

Over the long term, I have been dedicated to creating design systems, such as AntD, and utilizing Figma’s official Autolayout+Property+self-made plugins to develop powerful and user-friendly design systems that enhance team efficiency.

In the future, I will continue to explore the vast realms of user experience and UI design.

  • Micro Team Leadership(2~4 people)
  • Figma
  • Figma Prototype
  • Adobe XD
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effect
  • Unity3d
  • 3dMax
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Freehand Sketching
  • Logo Design
  • SaaS / Enterprise Product Design
  • To Cumosure Product Design
  • Web Design

Education (1996 – 2000)

  • Central China Normal University, Art Design Major.
  • Bachelor’s Degree of Art Design

Experience (2000 – 2013)

  • 13 years ( 4 years game project management ) working experience in the game industry
  • Good at Unity3D system for UI works 3D UI effect & animation;
  • Familiar with the process of game art flow development;
  • Good at communication with programmers;
  • Proficiency in using 2D and 3Dmax and related software;
  • Having basic using knowledge of flash AS2.0, have the capability of writing Flash Action Script code that is commonly used in flash UI animation;
  • Love game design, and are more comfortable creating various elaborate works;
  • Professional skills who have received formal art education, good sense of color, and good art quality;
  • Working experience covers:

Experience (2013 – 2022)

  • Join Garena as a creative designer
  • Quickly establish enterprise middle-end system guideline, component library and design system, allowing the team to quickly and efficiently start unified design work
  • Specializing in enterprise middle-end systems, making more than 60 products for enterprises, the products involve: company hr, data analysis, anti-fraud, admin, promotion, campaign, chat, user account, DevOps, cloud computing, machine learning, company process management, etc. field and some related mobile phone business
  • Ability to lead a team
  • Provide rich experience in the rapid design of various types of middle and Taiwan projects,
  • Familiar with front-end basic HTML CSS language, able to communicate well with front-end developers
  • Have unique technical strength, have the skills to complete the project alone, and can also lead a small team to complete the project quickly
  • Have very rich and superb skills in using design software, can actively innovate new and efficient methods at work, and improve the production efficiency of products
  • Code 3 Figma plug-ins suitable for the design process, which can greatly improve the combat effectiveness of the team, and standardize the design documents

Years of Experience

Independent Projects

Team Projects

Work experience
  • May. 2018 – Now|Expert UI Designer|Assistant Manager
  • MAY. 2013 – May. 2018|Garena online Singapore|Creative Desiger
  • JUL. 2011 – APR. 2013|Lucasfilm Art Singapore|UI artist of Facebook game, FPS game in Xbox360 and IOS game
  • MAY. 2007 – MAY. 2011|Ubisoft studio, Shanghai|Senior UI artist of End War Xbox360/PS3/PC, EndWar2, SuperSoccer Online, Ghost Recon Online
  • MAR. 2007 – MAY. 2007|Zhiqu Entertainment, Shanghai|UI artist, Web Game Art leader – (173World online)
  • MAR. 2003 – MAR. 2007|Shanda Entertainment,Shanghai|Art leader, Manager, UI artist – (Shanda Rich online,The Sign MMO online)
  • SEP. 2001 – MAR. 2003|5Wan.com Entertainment,Beijing|Mobile phone game Artist designer
  • MAY. 2000 – SEP. 2001|Flying Eagle Entertainment,Beijing|Scene designer, 3D scene artist
Independent Projects
    • Garena Lab Product
      Garena Live for TW TH VN
    • Shopee Marketplace Tech
      SLO FE
    • Shopee Technical Operation
      Release Platform
      Server CMDB
      Shopee Traffic Platform Disaster
      Deployment Zone
      SDP (SPACE Deployment Flatform)
      SEE(Shopee Eagle Eye)
      Leap Management
      Shopee Workflow System
      Quota Management
    • Design System & Tools
      Table Builder (Figma Plugin)
      Internal System Component Library
      PageMaker (Figma Plugin)
      Shopee UI Maker (Figma Plugin)
    • Data
      Tidal Traffic
      Campaign Station
      Data computing
      Data Ingestion
      DI Map
    • General Product
      Shopee Ticket Center(Mobile and PC)
      Audience Manager
      Anti-fraud Management Portal
      Order Admin
      Coin Admin
      Dynamic Floating Banner Icon For Voucher
Team Projects

  • Machine Learning
    Distributed Training
    Data Label system
    AI Platform
  • Garena Product
    Garena Live for TW TH VN
  • Shopee Mobile(ToC)
    Purchase With Gifts
    Shopee Help Center
  • Listing
    QC Listing Platform
    Enhance item Tag shop-level Tagging Method
    Seller Listing FPM
    Brand QC Blacklisting Portal & Brand Appeal
    Global Category Management2.0
    Price Log
    SPU Annotation
    SPU Management
    MTSKU support WHS stock sync
    Mass Edit Migration
  • User Account
    HR Learning Management
    User Portal
    User Tag Portal
    User Address
    PAS(Annual Appraisal)
    Seatalk Stickers Drawing
    Account Security Center
  • HRIS for HR
    HR Learning Management
    Fee Claim
    SeaTalk Event Attendance System
    Sea Front Desk Registration
  • Developer SPP (Cloud)
    Cache Cloud
    Cloud CMDB
    SUEZ SPACE User Portal
    RDS Audit
    DBA Meta
    Virtual Management
  • Shopee Promotion
    Exclusive Price
    Bundle Deal
    Purchase With Purchase
    Logistic Promo Portal
  • Shopee Chat
    Chat Admin
    Rule Based Engine

The value I can provide for you

IIf I join your team, I will offer you high-quality SaaS product design support, encompassing the following aspects:

  • 01 • Ultimate simplicity UI/UX
  • 02 • Assetization & tooling
  • 03 • Fun, joyful design

01 • Ultimate Simplicity UI/UX Hierarchy

When a product is launched, it must meet functional, psychological, and aesthetic standards. Effective design prioritizes utility and eliminates distractions.

Exceptional UI design demands a clear structure, a focus on user experience, uniqueness, consistency, and simplicity. While it sounds simple, it’s challenging in practice. My experience with over 60 live projects supports my ability to tackle these challenges.

Having specialized in enterprise mid-tier projects for an extended period, I’ve organized user-friendly modular components to expedite project development. Embracing a modular approach, I’ve also developed a rapid design platform with Figma plugins to enhance team efficiency.

02 • Assetization & Tooling 

When a product is release to be used. It has to satisfy not only functional, but also psychological and aesthetic criteria. Good design emphasizes the usefulness of a product whilst disregarding anything that could detract from it.

A good UI design must ensure a clear structure, focus on user experience, unique, unified, and concise under the premise of ensuring aesthetics. Sounds easy, right? It’s not easy to do it. Even if you can absorb and ensure that the early design ideas are correct, there may be many unexpected things when you put them into practice. The process from idea to implementation is the real test of personal ability.

After a long-term accumulation of work on enterprise middle-end projects, I have sorted out a lot of convenient module components, combined with a lot of small whimsy, so that enterprise middle-end projects can be built quickly. Based on the idea of modular construction, in addition, It also made a quick building platform Pagemaker, as well as related plug-ins, table Builder, etc., which greatly improved the production efficiency.

UI Maker Demo
Page Maker Demo
Table Builder

03 • Fun, Joyful Design!

A product is made for practical use. It must meet not only functional but also psychological and aesthetic standards. Good design highlights a product’s utility while ignoring anything that could detract from it.

Design can be a means to understand and express human emotions, tapping into human feelings to create colorful, enjoyable, and engaging experiences. Designers advocate for freedom, have a deep love for nature, and possess rich emotions. When human-centric content is integrated into a product, it adds a touch of humanity, vitality, and personalization, making the product more unique and vibrant.

Inspired by Everyday Life

Design inspiration can only be gradually acquired through daily observations and an understanding of beauty. Creating beauty can be learned from appreciating the beauty in the real world.

On the right is a close-up shot of our Galaxis office building, a scene we see every day. I appreciate it from a photographer’s perspective and discover its unique rhythm, which provides me with special inspiration, such as for the design of databases and table controls.

My Newest Gallery

” I read once, that musicians don’t retire. They stop when there’s no more music in them. Well, I still have music in me, absolutely positive about that. “

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SDK Portal (LIB )

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