SDK Portal (LIB )

SDK Portal (LIB )

SDK(Software Development Kit) background:(此处省略100字详细介绍,所有部门均用缩写避免泄漏公司机密)

用户:全部开发团队会使用SDK Portal平台;
SDK:Software Develop Kit

1,SDK Portal是一个一站式工具服务平台,目的是整合所有和shopee开发相关的SDK,包括记载sdk之间传承关系;

2,SDK Portal可以提供订阅,查阅和分享工具包等服务,可以帮助开发团队更快的找到软件开发包,提高开发效率;


User Account – User Portal(Legacy Admin)

User Account – User Portal(Legacy Admin)


There is a Shop wide initiative to sunset the legacy Admin Portal pages as they have been increasingly hard to maintain. Each Shopee Team is responsible for sunsetting the pages that they are in charge of.

Role & Responsibilities

Solo UX/UI Designer

• User Research
• Optimizing work processes to enhance user experiences
• Deliver products that are easy to use and enjoyable.
• Prototyping
• Usability Test
• Visual Design
• Training New Designer


• Deprecate old page
• UI improvement
• User information page mess UI layout need modify to clear for administrator


• Local Product.
• Logistics Ops.
• Customer Services
• Production Support
• Anti-fraud
• CX
• Operations-customer experience

Prototype and Design

Audience Management Logo Design

Audience Management Logo Design

There are significant differences between customer segments. Companies need a comprehensive understanding of each segment or user profile to deliver customized customer experiences and marketing strategies that add lifetime customer value across the customer base.

Through this analysis, we further categorize customer segments based on common characteristics of specific groups of people, deepening your understanding of each segment while uncovering similarities and distinctions in behavioral characteristics across categories. The results of this analysis will help you make more rational business planning and marketing strategies to improve business performance across the board.