Funny Stickers

Funny Stickers


BeeTalk Friends

BeeTalk是一款陌生人交友軟體,我為這個app繪製了全部的300個表情貼圖,我的搭檔Philip Kong給了我巨大的支持,讓這些虛擬的形象變得更加有個性,他們有的活潑,有的悶騷,有的善變,有的乖巧,總之,這是我從未有過的工作體驗,挖掘了自己的潛力。

Pink Cat

A happy and energetic little pink cat, is a house girl, working people, her hard but hard life


AJone’s husband, human and animal harmless, no matter what the situation is no expression, focus on action, better than nonsense


A violently inclined stem, very fierce to her husband, but there will be a gentle and demanding romantic side of the character


Multiple personality, is Pink cat’s boyfriend, they love each other, live an ordinary life


league of legends Stickers

在Garena工作期間,我繪製了很多League of Legends角色的sticker,這也讓我更了解這款風靡世界的遊戲,很高興也為眾多的東南亞LOL玩家帶來了歡樂!

JS Live2D girl – 2nd ver

JS Live2D girl – 2nd ver


GarenaLive is an exclusive live streaming platform for gamers with a Garena gaming account. GarenaLive players can earn coins through gifts from viewers, which can be exchanged for cash when accumulated to a certain level. About 600,000 players are active on Glive monthly, mainly in Taiwan, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Why choose this product?

  • It was all done by 3 of us. It’s tough to imagine! I finished all the design resources for this project, web site design, mascot design, gift animations, backend management system of the live platform, etc.
  • I have improved my web design skills and learned a lot about web design, such as 12 grid, responsive web
  • I learned the front-end knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS from this project, and was able to finish some web animation effects by myself.


But only one thing need to tell you: Bullet Comments

  • How to remove fraudulent ads, Certified chat rooms for malicious players

Our Team

Chen Zhiming

Web Full Stack Developer, Taiwan

Harold Jew

Product Manager, Singapore

Nic Cheung

Creative Designer, Singapore

My Role

  • Creative Designer, vision & graphic
  • HTML+CSS interactive animation,

The tough situation


With only three people to do the entire site


Many fake advertising pop-ups in the chat room, affecting the Barrage subtitle‘s experience of audience.

RVicious Ads

Ad pop-ups from bots and some players from other games came to the live channel to speak and have abusive speech

  • the vicious advertising barrage accounts for 8% in top10 broadcast chat rooms
  • 75% are financial fraud, money laundering, and usury advertisements account
  • 24% is porn content

My Process and Major Design Decision

Explore Question

I propose the use of answering questions, asking questions specific to the game. Only those who get all the answers to up to 60~80 questions will be able to send a screen barrage. Still, the function is done as long as the number of questions is a little more significant, and the order of the answers is randomized, filtering out the majority of robots and cheaters who know absolutely nothing about the game on their channel.

Explore NPC

Answering questions is boring, and there must be relevant design to make answering questions interesting. There should be a friendly interface + graphic characters, like the NPC characters in RPG games.
尝试绘制各种角色绘制,很不幸我的手稿都在adobe Sketch的cloud储存上,由于这个app不在存在了,所以云端的画稿全部都没有了,


Trying to create characters with fake 3d effects.
Made the first character prototype and got her moving
I drew 4 styles of fairies and finally chose this green version that
divided into 24 layers, then driven by JS, and finally finished that

Develop Duration

The front-end directly uses 90% of the front-end code of my NPC


Major Design Decision

Based on the data, I proposed a solution to use the question module to increase the cost of sending time for malicious accounts to stop malicious pop-ups.
Using my experience designing games, I proposed to design the visual effect of answering questions in a way similar to the dialogue of NPCs in RPG games.
Using JS’s 3d web technology, I used a 3d pixie image to increase the friendliness of the question-answering module.
利用JS的3d web技术,用3d小精灵形象,增加了答题模块的友好度

Final Result

  • We finally officially launched a month later, with an average monthly online population of 150,000w and 50,000 people active daily.
  • After Pixie went online, the malicious pop-ups bullet comment  almost disappeared. The data shows that it is about 2/1000, mainly in Thailand, because his game account registration rules lead to some unavoidable telecommunication loopholes, such as the ability to register phone numbers without ID cards, etc. The underlying reason is that the time cost of placing fraudulent ads increased by 60 times, and the malicious information was regular pop-ups. The data is recovered, and the percentage rate accounted for is significantly reduced.
  • Every day there will be about 100 players to complete the Q&A hosted by the fairy lady.

My Learning

Research By Data

The analysis played a key role in this case, and if I encounter similar problems afterward, I will be the first to look for clues to the data.

Brounding Thinking

To package and beautify the original user experience with game thinking.

Learning FrontEnd

Front-end knowledge can strongly support the designer


Write code that sometimes puts pressure on the front end to show that I am only doing visual CSS + JS, and there is a need to let them understand through communication.

“Thanks to those players and colleagues who provide us with data, it is your efforts that make it possible for us to solve the problem accurately.”


Thanks for Watching!

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