SOUP is an access management platform serving more than 100+ portals in Shopee. The purpose of SOUP includes access control and support audit modules.

Role & Responsibilities

Solo UX/UI Designer

• User Research
• Optimizing work processes to enhance user experiences
• Deliver products that are easy to use and enjoyable.
• Prototyping
• Usability Test
• Visual Design
• Training New Designer

User Persona

• Request Access – Shopee任何员工都有可能需要对Shopee internal portals进行权限申请的普通用户,通过提交该工单来申请所需要的权限

• Manage Role’s Access – 各个已经接入进来SOUP的Shopee internal portals的管理员(Portal Operators),通过提交该工单来对他们的portal进行角色 (Role) 的增删改

Admin-Portal Operators:
• Manage Portal Operator – 各个已经接入进来SOUP的Shopee internal portals的管理员(Portal Operators),通过提交该工单来对他们这个portal的管理员成员进行添加和移除

Auditor Team
• Access Review – 在审计范围之内的portal下面的用户的reporting manager(reviewer)
• Audit Management – Shopee内部审计团队(IT Compliance team) — 负责compliance相关的业务


• 角色在系统中很难理解他们之间的关系
• 旧的权限管理功能中,打开和关闭权限的操作中,当前现在的状态让人迷惑不清
• 旧版SOUP整体的UIUX让人觉得APP层级很多,让用户找不到主要功能的入口,各处的功能在图形上看不出区别
• 旧版SOUP缺少美观的装饰图片,整个系统让人感觉冰冷

New Design